MACFO Uganda (MAKE CHILDREN FOUNDATION) is a non profit, non-religious, Non-Government Organization (NGO) with the general objective of improving the lives of communities through training, and provision of essential services, the necessary care and support for orphans and vulnerable children

MACFO Uganda’s vision is “A Healthy and promising life for all children.”

MACFO Uganda’s” Mission is to empower Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and most at risk population (MARPs) for healthy positive living through increased access to HIV/AIDS-related information, care and support at all levels.”

We are in the process of welcoming new board members to our team as we work to improve the governance of our organization and  the partnership of many great minds working towards a worthy cause.

                                        This organization is managed by:
Executive Director – Timothy Matovu

_DSC0118OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC03529He is a young boy of  five years of age but he is involved in the child labor. Social and economic disruption due to the loss of a parent, either to death or abandonment. For children aged 6 – 17, up to 20% have lost at least one of their parents due to HIV and conflict. This results in a greater burden on extended relatives, who often are already struggling to feed and educate their biological children. In some cases, orphaned children have no relatives to assist, and head the household themselves, often providing for younger siblings.




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